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Find the Best Medical Alert Systems in West Palm Beach, FL

As we grow older, living alone comes with perils. Anything from a simple slip and fall to a significant medical emergency can come from nowhere and pose a threat to long-term health. Medical alert systems are popular because they provide crucial support when we need it most. We researched the best medical alert systems in West Palm Beach to help you decide which one is best for you.

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Overall satisfaction rating
  • Available in West Palm Beach
  • Plans from $19.95/mo.
  • FDA registered company
  • No long-term contracts

In-home systems start between $19.95 and $54.95 per month; mobile systems start between $39.95 and $41.95 per month. No equipment costs or activation fees. Optional fall detection, waterproof wall buttons and lockboxes.

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Medical Guardian
Overall satisfaction rating
  • Available in West Palm Beach
  • Plans from $29.95/mo
  • Extended battery life
  • No long-term contracts

Help when you need it!

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Medical Alert
Overall satisfaction rating
  • Available in West Palm Beach
  • Starting at $19.95/mo
  • No equipment charge
  • Waterproof help button

In-home systems cost $27.95 to $37.95 per month; mobile systems start at $47.95 per month. Upfront programming fee is $79. Auto fall detection and mobile app available. 30-day money-back guarantee.

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  • Available in West Palm Beach
  • Waterproof pendant & wristband
  • 24/7 professional care assistance
  • Less than $1 per day

No upfront equipment cost. In-home systems start at $24.95 per month; on-the-go systems start between $36.95 and $45.95 per month. Optional fall detection and caregiver app. Smart watch devices available.

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Philips Lifeline
Overall satisfaction rating
  • Available in West Palm Beach
  • 12-second average answer time
  • Lifeline-owned response center in North America
  • Pay month-to-month, no long-term contract

In-home systems cost $29.95 to $58.95 per month; mobile systems start at $49.95 per month. Upfront fees range from $79 to $99.95. Automatic fall detection and caregiver tools available.

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Overall satisfaction rating
  • Available in West Palm Beach
  • Starting at $25.95/mo
  • No landline necessary
  • Fall detection

In-home systems start between $32.95 to $44.95 per month; mobile systems start between $37.95 and $44.95 per month. Upfront costs vary by equipment and package. Optional fall detection and lockboxes.

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How to choose a medical alert system in West Palm Beach

West Palm Beach skyline

The goal of retiring and moving to sunny Florida, especially West Palm Beach, is almost common enough to be considered part of the American dream — one that’s alive and well as millions of baby boomers reach retirement age.

Florida has one of the nation’s highest populations of senior citizens, with more than a million Florida residents, or roughly one in 20, over the age of 80. In addition, the number of people in Florida older than 65 is expected to double to 10 million by 2030.

Many of the older residents of West Palm Beach moved here from other states and may be living hundreds of miles away from their adult children, family and other traditional support systems that protect people in emergency situations.

As a result, many senior citizens in West Palm Beach are turning to medical alert systems to help during emergencies. Whether you take a bad fall or are dealing with something even more serious, these systems can send you immediate medical assistance with the push of a button.

When choosing a medical alert system that best suits your lifestyle, it’s worth asking the following questions:

  • Is the device wearable? Many people prefer a wearable medical alert system that will always be close at hand in case of falls.
  • Is the device waterproof? Since 80 percent of falls by seniors occur in the bathroom, waterproof medical alert systems ensure you can receive help if you slip and fall in the shower.
  • Does the device have fall detection? A fall detection option allows you to receive the medical assistance you need if you lose consciousness in a fall.
  • What is the range of the device? Active seniors may want a device with an extended range.
  • What is the device’s battery life? It’s important to know your device’s battery life so you can be sure it’s operating when you need it.
  • Does the company offer a risk-free trial? A risk-free trial period can be helpful if you’re not sure a medical alert system is the right one for you.

Thanks to advances in technology, medical alert systems are becoming smaller and more effective with the incorporation of smartwatches and other innovations that can go as far as providing GPS coordinates to first responders in case of emergency.

Each plan varies in terms of benefits and costs, so it’s worth shopping around and educating yourself. It’s also worth noting that these medical alert systems aren’t just for seniors. People of any age who are living with health issues or disabilities can enjoy more freedom and independence by having a medical alert system on hand.

Medical Alert Systems Reviews


MobileHelp is earning praise from West Palm Beach residents for offering a fully integrated smartwatch (the Samsung MobileHelp Smart) capable of providing GPS information directly to first responders. It’s an alternative to the bulky medical alert devices most seniors prefer to avoid. According to some reviews, however, they’re not the fastest when responding to emergency requests.

MobileHelp Learn More (800) 803-4616

Medical Guardian

With rapid response to emergency calls and an optional medical alert smartwatch, Medical Guardian is a reliable option for tech-savvy seniors. They’re not the most affordable service, and they don’t offer medical reminders, but their quick and thorough response to emergencies is worth the price, according to customers in West Palm Beach.

Medical Guardian Learn More (800) 863-6980

Medical Alert

Combining fast response times with some of the most affordable rates in the industry, Medical Alert provides many of the benefits you’d want from a medical alert service with few downsides. They don’t offer many additional services, however, and fall detection can be overly sensitive, according to customers in West Palm Beach.

Medical Alert Learn More (800) 800-9561


With at-home and on-the-go devices, LifeFone works on landline and cellular networks. For less than a dollar a day you can enjoy 24-hour protection. At-home systems with 32 hours of battery life have a range of up to 1,300 feet from the base. Fall detection is an optional add-on. Reviews appreciate that you can cancel anytime.

LifeFone Learn More (989) 625-1423

Philips Lifeline

Founded in 1974, Philips Lifeline has the largest subscriber base in the United States. Customizable programming is available for active seniors, homebound seniors and seniors with chronic conditions (called CareSage). CareSage uses predictive analytics so caregivers can take preventive action. In addition to at-home and on-the-go systems, Philips Lifeline offers medication dispensing tools, too.

Philips Lifeline


As an established leader in the medical alert systems industry, LifeStation has garnered many positive reviews from satisfied customers in West Palm Beach. They manage an in-house call monitoring center that provides built-in caregiver alerts to notify friends and family in emergency situations, and they do not require long-term contracts.

LifeStation Learn More (866) 235-1920