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Find the Best Walk-in Tubs in West Palm Beach, FL

Walk-in tubs are built both for comfort and safety. They can contribute to a sense of independence, help manage medical conditions and prevent falls and injury while bathing. So which one is right for you or a loved one? We researched the best walk-in tub companies in West Palm Beach.

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Safe Step
Overall satisfaction rating
  • Hybrid shower-tub models
  • 10 adjustable hydro-jets
  • Made in the USA
  • Available in West Palm Beach

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Overall satisfaction rating
  • Lowest step-in on the market
  • Hydrotherapy & air jets
  • Fast fill and fast drain
  • Lifetime limited warranty

Select from multiple colors, styles and designs. Soaker and shower-tub combos feature proprietary air jets and heated surfaces. Costs include installation and a limited lifetime warranty. Financing options available.

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Independent Home
Overall satisfaction rating
  • Professional installation
  • Multiple styles of tubs
  • Get an estimate online
  • Available in West Palm Beach

Sells compact and luxury baths. Wheelchair-accessible and bariatric tubs available. Costs include installation services and a lifetime warranty. Get a quote for pricing.

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American Standard
Overall satisfaction rating
  • Free installation estimate
  • Combines high quality with luxury options
  • Wide array of door & installation configuration
  • Hydrotherapy options available

Find soaker tubs, two-seaters and shower-bath combos. Features quick-drain, air jets and whirlpool massage system. Financing options and free evaluations. Costs start at $4,600 to $8,400, not including installation.

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Overall satisfaction rating
  • Epsom salt compatibility
  • Seamless, fast installation
  • Removal of your old bathtub or shower
  • Available in West Palm Beach

No longer available to new customers. Warranties vary by model. Features included hydromassage, low step-in threshold and wide-opening door.

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How to choose walk-in tubs in West Palm Beach

West Palm Beach skyline

West Palm Beach is a haven for retirees and the elderly, with 18 percent of its population over 65. Not many places offer a similar combination of beautiful weather and activities. But seniors and those with disabilities can struggle with normal daily functions such as bathing.

With a wide variety of safety features, walk-in tubs are designed particularly for seniors and individuals with disabilities, allowing unassisted, easy use. Statistics show that one in three adults over 60 has trouble getting into or out of the bathtub. Falls are one of the most common causes of injury among the elderly.

Walk-in tubs in West Palm Beach come with a number of standard features:

  • Watertight door that opens to a low-entry threshold
  • Built-in seat shaped for comfort
  • Non-slip floor
  • Grab bars
  • Hand-held showerhead

These standard features can be found on any type of walk-in tub in West Palm Beach. Here are different types of features you may come across when shopping.

Walk-in tub type Features
Soaker Basic walk-in tub
Aerotherapy Soaker with air jets that move water to provide a gentle massage
Hydrotherapy Soaker with jets that provide higher-pressure massage
Bariatric Heavy-duty walk-in tub designed to accommodate obese individuals
Wheelchair-accessible Door that swings wide to allow transfer into the tub seat
Combination Combines two or more of the above types

Walk-in tubs in West Palm Beach can also include optional features like aromatherapy, chromatherapy, self-cleaning systems and in-line heating.

How much is a walk-in tub in West Palm Beach?

Walk-in tubs range widely in price depending on what features are included. The average cost of a walk-in tub in West Palm Beach is between $5,000 and $10,000, including installation. Costs can be a bit lower for basic models and significantly higher if the tub is fully customized or if you need to make updates to plumbing or electrical systems in your bathroom.

Unfortunately, Medicare and Medicaid, as a rule, do not cover walk-in tubs in West Palm Beach, but long-term care insurance may. Many companies selling walk-in tubs in West Palm Beach offer monthly payment plans, some without interest. Make sure you ask about discounts for seniors or veterans and learn about any price-matching guarantees. Also, you may be able to deduct the cost of a walk-in tub as a medical expense when you file your taxes.

When you buy your walk-in tub in West Palm Beach, be certain you understand the warranty terms. Many walk-in tubs will have lifetime or decades-long guarantees, but there may be exceptions or different coverages for different tub parts.

After installation, which usually can be done in one day, you’ll be given instructions for use and regular maintenance. You’re then ready to become one of the growing number of satisfied users of walk-in tubs in Florida.

Walk-in Tubs Reviews

Safe Step

Safe Step combines friendly customer service with a one-on-one approach to help customers find a tub they like at a price they can afford. Each tub is American-made, goes through a 14-point inspection and comes with an industry-leading lifetime warranty. Reviewers are generally satisfied with the quality of service and the product they receive from Safe Step, which has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Safe Step Learn More


Designed for safety, comfort and elegance, Kohler Walk-In Bath has an extra-wide door and ultra-low step-in to make entry almost effortless. Hydrotherapy jets target the spine, legs and feet while back, neck and shoulder surfaces are heated for comfort and warmth. Customer reviews report Kohler sales reps being personable and professional and that installation was smooth.


Independent Home

Independent Home has been manufacturing walk-in tubs for 15 years and sells, installs and services its own product line. Each tub comes with a full-coverage lifetime warranty. Independent Home’s installers and customer service representatives are praised in many reviews for their reliable and trustworthy performance. Independent Home has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Independent Home

American Standard

Offering a line of more than 60 models costing between $4,500 and $10,000, American Standard brings customers a wide selection of quality walk-in tubs with whirlpool, quick drain and light therapy options. Customers in West Palm Beach love the walk-in tubs’ massage features, saying they make for a relaxing soak, but some people report issues in homes with older water heaters.

American Standard Learn More


The name brand that defines hot tubs, Jacuzzi brings their excellence in hydrotherapy to walk-in tubs. Trained professionals take out your old bathtub and install a Jacuzzi walk-in tub, letting you enjoy safety features, whirlpool jets and warm water that circulates constantly. Reviews mention they chose Jacuzzi because of the brand name and were impressed with the fast, professional installation.